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Baseball player.
You've been looking for him - you have him now.
Looking for a good baseball player?

You've got him now!

You've Been Looking For A Good Baseball Player -
So Take Your Chance!

Contact Information

E-mail: alex_pavlenco@mail.ru

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First off all

He lives in Moldova. He is realy good. Your team will become the greatest with him! You don't believe? Try him!

You will be able to have a look at him. Send your e-mail to him and just ask him to come. If you are serious he will come.

Your seriousness would be shown if you could help him with some money. But be sure that money is not the point we are looking for. If you convince him you're not joking he can come without any money.

We will be happy if you and him find each other. He needs to play big baseball. And your team neads him to win them all !

About himself

Hello, my name is Alex Pavlenco. I am baseball player from Moldova. I am 25 years old (15/05/78) and I play baseball 14 years. I began to play in little league, after I played in national minor team (in 1994 year we won 3rd place on Europe Championship in gr. B). After all I began to play in semi-pro baseball. In 2001 year I was the best catcher on championship in France. In this year I was must to play in pro baseball club "Tornado" from Moscow (they are champions of Russia 2002), but unfortunately they have some problems with money. Now I am playing in semi-pro club and in the national team.

I am catcher (ht, 6.1, wt 210), i have not bad results. Throwing on 1st and 3rd (without throwing of pitcher) is 1.5s-1.6s, on 2nd is 1.9s-2.0s, long throwing is 85m-87m, running 30m is 4.2s. In 2001 season I haved: avg 266,hr 12,rbi 38.,in 2002 years I haved :avg 306,hr 8,rbi 21 ,in this season(2003) now I have :avg 353,hr 2,rbi 7.I very want to try to play in your country and in your team; I can go to you to tryout or I can send to you video tape with bating and catching and with all that you will need from me. I know that you are very busy, but I will happy if you find few minutes to answer to me.
My e-mail is:alex_pavlenco@mail.ru

Sorry for my English. Thank you, good-bye.
Alex Pavlenco

Bio and some results

Born: May 15, 1978
Hight: 6.1
weight: 210
2001: avg 266,hr 12,rbi 38
2002: avg 306,hr 8,rbi 21
current 2003: avg 353,hr 2,rbi 7

He is a catcher!

throws on 1 and 3: 1.5 s
throws on 2: 1.9 s
long throwing: 87 m


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