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Baseball teenager.
You've been thinking about your future - here it is!
Looking for your future to make up?

So take your chance!

You've Been Looking For Your Future To Make Up? -
So This Is Your Chance!

Contact Information

E-mail: galex@mail.primorye.ru

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First off all

If it is YOU who's got a capability to make a perfection form a perfect material, then this is YOUR chance!!!

He's got that body which you could turn into Schwarzenegger's shape if it is nesessary for being a perfect baseball player.
He's got that monstrous desire to be a baseball player which gives you an unlimited power over him - just give him a chance!!!

Do you want to have a look at him? Just send your e-mail to him and simplly ask him to come.
Be serious!

He doesn't need your money but he needs your capability to make him the gratest baseball player - that one who are paid millions!!!

We will be happy if you and him find each other. He needs your help now and he will help you to earn money and glory when his time comes!

About himself

Hello My name is Alex Garbarets. Im a baseball player from Vladivostok, Russia.
Im 16 years old and I play baseball 4 years. I begin to play when I was 12 and baseball was a simple word for me. But when I take the bat in my arms, I thought that it is mine!!!
Im started to play in Vladivostok team Flibustiers. and now play there becouse there is a best teаm in vladivostok!
Im a first baseman, throwing right. Im really want to play in other teams, specialy in minor league of MLB I want to enter the University in USA and i think sport is the best opportunity to study and play my favourite game!

My BIO and some results:

Date of birth: 7.04.88(04.7.88)
Age of birth: 0, :)
Hight: 184cm,
Weigh: 75kg,
Throwing (right): 67m.
SNF: Garbarets Alexey Alexeevich
Real age: 16
The Best accomplishment: 1st place in championship of vladivostok,
1st place in Regional championship of Primorskii Krai.
3rd place in opened championeship of Far East and Syberia.

Thank you and god with you,

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