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Roberto Alomar's Second Base Tips   Советы Роберто Аломара по игре на второй базе

Roberto Alomar
Second Base
Cleveland Indians
We asked Cleveland Indians Second Baseman Roberto Alomar to give you some tips on becoming a better second baseman.

With runners not on base, how do you field your position?

Well it depends. If he's a pull hitter, I try to take two steps to my left and I mainly play everybody almost in the same position -- in the normal position. Maybe 10 feet away from second base, to my left. That's where I play almost everybody normally.

How do you field your position on double play ground balls to either side of the infield?

When there's a man on first and it's a double play situation you have to play close to the base -- to avoid injury. When you're going for a double play -- play close to the base, get there as soon as you can and just try to avoid when the runner could hit you.

Who decides which player will take the ball at second base when the catcher throws down to throw out a runner?

Me and Omar (Vizquel, the shortstop), he gives me the sign. With an open mouth, that means that I got it, with a closed mouth that means that he's got it. That's the easiest way we do it.

Who decides which player will catch the ball if it is popped up near second base or short centerfield?

Whoever calls the ball is the one who's supposed to catch it. Anytime you have a ball behind second base, whoever calls the ball is the one who's going to catch it.

Where do you position yourself on the field when the ball is hit to centerfield, rightfield or leftfield?

If there's a man on second, the second baseman goes all the way to first base. First base makes the cutoff man just in case the first baseman cuts the ball, you can get the guy in a rundown from first to second. Other times with men on second and third -- when they hit the ball to centerfield or rightfield, the second baseman has to go to first base. Then if the ball is hit to leftfield, the second baseman goes to second base.

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