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Shawn Green's Right Fielder Tips   Советы Шона Грина о том, как играть на правом аутфилде

Shawn Green
Right Field
Los Angeles Dodgers
We asked Los Angeles Dodgers Right Fielder Shawn Green to give you some tips on becoming a better right fielder.

What is the proper technique for catching a pop fly?

Shawn Green: To catch a pop fly, you want to make sure you get behind the ball and you're coming to it toward the base you're throwing (the ball to). When you catch it, you want to try to catch the ball out front and hopefully have your momentum going forward.

When a ball is hit into the rightfield gap, how do you decide who will catch the ball?

Green: You have to really communicate, especially in the outfield because guys are running a long way and as hard as they can, so you've got to make sure you talk. One guy has to say "I've got it, I've got it" and the other guy says "take it." Or you guys come up with something that works for you.

Do you have a special technique for getting a good running start when the ball is hit?

Green: Yeah, everyone has different ways of getting started. For me, I like to have a little bit of movement. Sometimes I'll take a couple of steps right when the pitcher is about to throw the ball, right when it gets to about home plate. So at least I have a little bit of movement, I don't want to be standing there flat-footed. You want to be at least moving around.

How do you field fly balls hit near the outfield fence? Do you have to prepare differently when the ball is hit that deep?

Green: When it's hit deep, you're running hard. You want to keep practicing so you kind of have a good idea of where the ball is going to go. You want to run back, take a peek at the fence, and as you get close to it you want to stick your arm out so that you'll feel the wall before you run into it.

How do you know when to throw home and when to throw to the cutoff guy?

Green: You always want to be able to throw through the cutoff guy, so when you're throwing home from right field, the first baseman would be the cutoff man -- you want to try to throw it right through his hat. So that maybe the next one I'll throw to home, and if not, they can cut it.

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