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Rickey Henderson's Left Fielder Tips   Советы Рики Хендерсона о том, как играть на левом аутфилде

Rickey Henderson
Left Field
San Diego Padres
We asked San Diego Padres Left Fielder Rickey Henderson to give you some tips on becoming a better left fielder.

What is the proper technique for catching a pop-fly?

Rickey Henderson: I think the biggest technique is basically, get your body under the ball and really try to catch the ball with two hands. (Position yourself) behind the ball as the ball comes down.

When a ball is hit into the leftfield gap, how do you decide which player will catch the ball?

Henderson: (It depends on) which player gets there first, and the trail player is supposed to let him know where to throw the ball. With the ball in the gap, both players go to the ball and whichever (player) the ball is closer to, that's the one who covers the ball.

Is there a special technique to getting a good jump on the ball?

Henderson: Reading the pitches, trying to figure out how your players are positioned to the hitter, and then trying to read the ball off the bat. Just paying attention to the hitter. Before the game they tell you which way the hitters (tend to hit) the ball -- in the gap or if he's a pull hitter. So you line yourself up to that position.

How do you field fly balls near the warning track and the outfield fence?

Henderson: I think you've got to prepare yourself, but the warning track is usually the dirt part of the field, and once you get off the grass and you feel the dirt that's when you know you've got about two or three steps before you get to the wall.

How do you know when to throw home, and when to throw to the cutoff guy?

Henderson: The basic thing is throwing to the cutoff man, but you're really trying to throw through the cutoff man. You're throwing to the cutoff man, just in case he wants to cut the ball.

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